IT workers who can't write scripts will be unable to change jobs within 5 years…

Wish you didn't have to read this but really want to know what we are getting at?  Check out Podcast 03...

If your in IT and you don’t think being able to write scripts to do your job is important think again.  That's right even Microsoft has resigned itself to the fact that the command line is the right way to manage servers by making the default interface for it's 2012 servers the command line.  So when the biggest GUI(Graphical User Interface) based OS on the planet decides to push people towards the command line you need to learn to master it and soon.  I know what you are thinking, it's hard and I don't have time.  I say to that it's not hard and you probably don't have a choice but to spend the time.  Within a year Microsoft will End of Life  Server 2008 R2(1/15/2015).  The end of life for Server 2012 is 1/18/2018.  So what is the interface going to be in the replacement for 2012? It very well may likely be a command line only one.  Just like the tile interface is your only choice in Windows 8.

How do you master the command line?  The first step is to start using the command line.  Learn how to use the help systems for your chosen OS on the command line and as your first choice instead of Google.  Sounds silly I know because with Google all things are possible.  You will be surprised though how many questions you can answer without it.  On MacOSX and Linux the Man pages are your greatest ally.  For Powershell on Windows it's the help <command> at the prompt to get you started.  The most powerful commands are the ones that will help you solve problems.  You will find many of them to be universal.  Want to know whether something is really listening on the http port(80) then type netstat -an and look for things that say LISTEN and have a port number attached after the ip address like this  If you have been Administering systems for a while then you will I am sure know a whole lot more.       Once you have learned to get around on the command line you can start putting things together into scripts.

How do I create a script?
To create a script simply open a text editing program.  Vi, Nano, emacs and pico are examples on linux/MacOSX and notepad, Notepad++ and wordpad are examples on Windows.  Type something like the following:
cd ~
netstat -an >./netstat.out

cd %userprofile%
netstat -an >./netstat.out

Now you can look at the contents of the file and see what is Listening on what port.  Yeah when we talk about scripting that's all we mean.  Now do you see why I say it's not that hard.  Everyone starts to learn scripting or any programming language by finding tutorials or other peoples scripts on Github or some other repository.  You just learn as you go.  In no time you will be amazed at what you know how to do.  Start today and by 2015 you could be an expert and move on to Powershell, Perl, or Python.

So get out there and start today.