What is DevOps and why write about it?

DevOps is just a new name for what we started doing in the late 1990's and called systems automation.  It's the process of replacing repeated tasks with scripts.  Done properly this change gives Developers and System Admin's more time in their day to do what makes their organization more efficient.  The tasks automated by DevOps focused teams also gain more stable, reliable and flexible systems.  Deployment times for both applications and complete systems generally drop by several orders of magnitude. it's not uncommon to take a process that takes several hours to do manually to be reduced to few minutes.   The time savings allow IT Teams to keep from slowing down the cogs of the Businesses progress.  It allows them to go forward faster with less friction.  While at the same time lowering the number of incidents, problems and delays that happen when deploying today's complex systems.  Whether the solution your are deploying is on the Desktop, in the Data Center, or in the Cloud, DevOps can help you do it. 

Our goal with our Facebook and G+ Pages, Site and Podcasts is to share what we and others have learned.  We will share what works and what doesn't about the whole process of becoming totally automated.  From where to begin to what to tackle at what point on your journey to total automation.  We will hopefully help guide you away from the mistakes we have made or seen made.

We love, want and need your questions and feedback.  It makes us better and get's us writing content you want to read because it's fixing a problem you have.  We are here to help you free up time by automating the boring stuff so you can spend time doing fun stuff.

Our Founders Story

Our founder Brian Wagner was shown the power of automation in early 2000 by a friend of his while they were building out Sun One Web Servers for a client in North East Ohio.  While he had been doing systems automation of tasks with scripts for a lot of years before that it wasn't until then that he wanted to automate everything.  Why?  Before his friend did the automation the process to build a server from bare metal (Raw from Sun) to fully functional was 5 days.  It was taking them up to another week to fix everything they missed, mistyped or forgotten to do to make the server functional.  With the script a complete server build too less than 8 hours.   Most of that time was file copies because they were only using a 10Mbit/s network at the time.    The better part was that there wasn't anything missed, mistyped or forgotten.  The scripts made it possible to spend more time troubleshooting issues and errors in the development of the Java applications.  It was then that Brian realized that scripts were no longer something he should do when he had time they needed to be what he did first.  It's that little change that took him to the next several levels of being a Systems Administrator and eventually an Enterprise Architect.  Brian has stories like this at every company he has worked at or with since.  It's repeatable anywhere with any operating system.  He doesn't need any special tools to make it happen either.

After several inquires about how to start a DevOps practice by his customers he decided a new Blog and Podcast were the fastest way to spread his knowledge.  His goal with these works is to help fill in the blanks and get people over the initial bumps in the road.  he knows that DevOps practices are like snowballs rolling down a mountain.  Once you start them they grow, gain momentum and no one wants to get in their way.