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Automated Deployment or Automated Build tools are all complicated to give a true evaluation.  In this post we help you set yourself up to drive to the right tool for your environment.

In this post we discuss what to look for and how to choose a Code Management Tool.  Remember to check out the podcast if you don't have time to read it.

We discuss Monitoring tools and how to pick the best one for you!!

This article and show is all about how to choose a Configuration Management Tool.  

So what DevOps Tool should you deploy first?  Check out what we think!!

Seriously why do people always have to think that if we just implement X it will solve all of our problems?  It can't and won't because a tool or methodology is rarely the biggest problem.  Most buzzwords over promise and under deliver.  Here is what I think...

Part of any successful campaign to win people over to doing things in a DevOps style usually requires some sort of promise of it being a better way.  So how do you prove you are seeing benefits as you start to implement your plan?  How do you quantify all the unlogged hours you put in doing things manually after you have just automated it.  Sure you and maybe your boss will notice you have reduced your hours down to 80 hours a week, but what about the people at the top?  The ones who ultimately need convinced to let you keep spending time on it?

That's right don't even attempt to do DevOps without Change/Incident Management. Not because you won't be successful in at least small ways. Not because people won't appreciate you automating your companies one hundred and fifty servers in five minutes instead of five days. But because you won't be able to prove any benefit of DevOps to Management. That means they won't appreciate it, value it, or the most important part FUND it......

Don't start automating it until it's documented.

You really need to know what you are going to automate before you start automating.  Documenting the steps makes everything easier.

This week we discuss whether or not you should learn a framework or just the language first?  Does learning a Framework do you harm?