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This week we discuss whether or not you should learn a framework or just the language first?  Does learning a Framework do you harm?

Where to begin and what language is a question the DevOps Master get's often.  So at a readers request he decided to give out his recommendations.  He also explains a little behind the wars between the languages.

Why does Continuous Integration(CI) matter?

What is and why should I care about Continuous Integration?  This article tries to give you a brief explanation.  Check it out and see what you have to add to the conversation.

Scriptors really are developers who just refuse to admit it.  But there are differences as subtle as they are.  Most really need to learn a few simple things from developers to make their lives easier.

If you don't know how to script you won't be able to find a job in five years.  If you think being a Windows Admin can save you think again.  This article explains why!!

DevOps is the term currently used for Systems Automation.  The art and craft of making building and deploy processes for complex systems and applications reliable, repeatable and maintainable.  But that is just the begining.  Check out this article for more details. 

Knowing the difference will help you prioritize your work in DevOps.  This really does make decision making easier.  So check it out so you know where to go with you next event.